Zone is a unique independent music library offering an on-going series of micro-libraries or 'zones'. Currently there are 7 'zones' available: Dronezone, TVzone, Pleasurezone, Clubbingzone, Docuzone, Funzone and Dramazone. In addition, Zone Plus is a collection of singular, trend reacting albums which complement the 'zones'.


ZONE 561 Hard Men

Exciting testosterone fuelled music for explosive action and epic encounters. Mixing dramatic orchestral percussion with hard-hitting sports rock, Hard Men is an essential collection of music for rugby union, rugby league and American football programming and promos

ZONE 034 Prehistory And Early Man

From the big bang and the creation of the planet through to human evolution and early man, Prehistory And Early Man is the first in the groundbreaking Historyzone series of albums charting the history of the world

ZONE 560 Fly On The Wall - Business & The Workplace

Hi-ho, it’s off to work we go. From lighter and quirky music for observational and tongue in cheek factual entertainment programming about small businesses and the workplace to more serious and hard hitting cues for documentaries about big business

ZONE 559 The Rhythm Section Plays - Classic RnB & Soul

The Rhythm Section Plays – Classic RnB & Soul is the first in a series of albums where some of Britain’s finest session musicians bring you classic music styles as studio backing tracks. The album features the talents of Steve Pearce (Bass), James Watson (Keyboards), John Parricelli (Guitar) and Ralph Salmins (Drums).

ZONE 558 Funtastic Vol 1

Jump aboard the Funtastic rollercoaster ride where comic craziness and zany slapstick meet kooky quirkiness and happy-go-lucky family fun

ZONE 557 Classical By Arrangement

Fresh and inspiring arrangements of well known classics

ZONE 556 Audio Allsorts 6

Volume 6 of an ever expanding musical pick 'n' mix of pre-releases and one off gems

ZONE 555 Christmas Allsorts 2

The 2nd volume of Zone's seasonal pick 'n' mix of Christmas music in a variety of styles

ZONE 554 Christmas At The Piano

Solo piano arrangements of traditional Christmas tunes

ZONE 552 Classical Guitar Works

Classical guitar arrangements of famous classical works

ZONE 551 Big Screen Heroes

Big Screen Heroes is a high impact collection of heroic cinematic trailer music. Movie genres include Action, Adventure, War, Biopics and Political Drama

ZONE 550 Epic Cinematic Trailers 2

From epic action adventure to powerful classic drama and intense futuristic science fiction, Epic Cinematic Trailers 2 is a riveting collection of contemporary trailer music

ZONE 549 Vintage Comedy Classics

From classic cartoon capers to outrageous slapstick, Vintage Comedy Classics is a brilliantly recorded collection of authentic music soundtracks covering the cartoons, silent movies and early talkies of the 20s, 30s and 40s

ZONE 548 Fly On The Wall - Transport & Infrastructure

Planes, trains and automobiles. Serious and quirky music cues for observational and tongue in cheek factual entertainment and documentary programming about getting from A to B. Sub-sections include The Daily Commute, Take The Train, Learner Drivers & Dodgy Dealers, Trucking, Air Travel and Transport Infrastructure

ZONE 547 Acoustic Drones & Soundscapes

A collection of drones and soundscapes with an acoustic element for documentaries and factual programming. Sub-sections include Elemental, Pure Light, Urban Nights, Abstractions, Darkness, Exotic Lands, Human Emotion, Big Spaces, Drama and Life Stories

ZONE 546 Modern Human

A positive look into life the future where technology, innovation and scientific development create a better world

ZONE 545 Classical Guitar Conversations

Classical guitar in a variety of styles and moods. Sub-sections include Romantic, Folk, Celtic, Blues, Atmospheric and Postcards

ZONE 544 Fly On The Wall - Real Life Drama

Drama cues for documentaries, factual entertainment and reality TV about real people in dramatic situations. Sub-sections include Action, Tension, Neutral, Positive and Negative

ZONE 543 One Voice

Unique and memorable acapella vocals from singer-songwriter Victoria Beaumont

ZONE 542 The Beautiful Game 2

Welcome back to planet football. Celebrating the most popular sport on the planet, 'The Beautiful Game 2' is a 2nd volume of music for high impact and slow motion action, the ecstasy and agony of victory and defeat and the passion of the fans. See also ZONE 505

ZONE 541 Brazil United

From batucada, samba and bossa nova to traditional folk and soccer-influenced scene-setters, Brazil United is a vibrant and diverse collection of Brazilian music styles. Recorded in London the album features the UK’s finest Brazilian musicians

ZONE 540 Deep Cinematic Beats

Fusing filmic influences with electronica, Deep Cinematic Beats is an enthralling collection of lovingly crafted music and the first solo album from Zone stalwarts Will Palmer and Cy Samuels

ZONE 539 Swamp Rock

Gator chasin' swamp rock and murky Deep South blues meet infectiously happy Cajun and truck driving southern rock. Bon temps!

ZONE 538 Neo Blues

A smouldering collection of alternative blues rock and beat driven cuts

ZONE 537 A String Quartet

A diverse collection of string quartet in a variety of classical, traditional and modern styles

ZONE 536 Glitch, Crackle & Hum

Adventures in lo-fi. An experimental journey from the sublime to the ridiculous

ZONE 533 Fly On The Wall - Crime & Punishment

Drama cues for documentaries, reconstructions and news stories about crime and the criminal justice system. Sub-sections include The Courtroom, Justice Is Served, Crime Wave, Criminal Underworld, Law Enforcement and Victims Of Crime

ZONE 534 Travel Diaries

A modern collection of globally inspired music celebrating international travel and the magic of discovering local cultures. Sub-sections include Wanderlust, Big Horizons, Out Of The Desert, Journeys and Local Knowledge

ZONE 530 Epic Cinematic Trailers

From epic heroism to gripping action adventure, Epic Cinematic Trailers is an exciting, ‘edge of your seat’ collection of contemporary trailer music. Sub-sections include The Power & The Glory, Science Fiction, Fast & Furious and Heavy Dramatic Action

ZONE 528 Fly On The Wall - Quirky

The daily comings and goings in small towns and suburbia. Quirky music for observational and tongue in cheek factual entertainment and documentaries. Sub sections include Local Gossip, Community Spirit, Odd Behaviour, Funny Peculiar and Sneaking Around

ZONE 527 This Is...Glo-Fi

An hypnotic soundtrack of beautifully deep glo-fi that floats you away with atmospheric synths, flowing guitar riffs and delicate piano tones, drenched in angelic female vocals

ZONE 529 Deep In The Funk Vaults

Classic funk & disco from the 70s and 80s. Includes vocals, instrumentals, underscores, commercial cuts, breaks & stings

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